Shetland and dexter cows
Dexter beef  steer

Grass Fed Beef Boxes

We keep a small herd of pedigree Shetland Cattle at Argae Cottage.

Shetland Cattle are a native British breed, originally kept on the small crofts on the Shetland islands, providing milk for the family as well as rearing a calf each year for meat.  They are small and hardy, developed to withstand the windswept conditions and poor grazing found on the islands.  As with many traditional breeds, their numbers declined as farming methods became more intensive.

Shetlands remain a very useful dual purpose breed, well suited to a smallholding.  

They have seen a recent increase in popularity amongst smallholders, but remain a rare breed, classified as 'at risk' by the Rare Breed Survival Trust.

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Our cattle are reared entirely on grass for their whole lives (and silage - conserved grass from our own farm - in the winter months)  Grass fed beef is considered to have health benefits, including higher levels of beneficial omega 3 oils, and antioxidents.


The beef from our Shetland herd is truly fantastic!  It has superb taste and texture.

The fine marbling of fat allows the meat to remain tender during cooking.


All of our beef is hung for 21 days before butchery - this allows the meat to tenderise and develop its full flavour.

Beef Boxes

Boxes of our wonderful, marbled beef.  Hung for 21 days.  Texture and taste that cannot be beaten!

New for 2021 - our Small Beef Box to suit the smaller household, or those with limited freezer space.

Add Extras:

Treat yourself to a luxurious fillet steak.

Or add extra mince for quick midweek meals.

See order form for current availability.


Grass Fed Family Beef Box: £165

A generous selection of cuts, to provide lots of delicious meals for a family.

Minimum weight 15kg

2 topside/silverside joints (each approx 1.5kg)

1 slow roast or rib joint (1.5-2kg)

1 rolled brisket (approx 1.5kg)

sirloin steaks

rump steaks

braising steaks

diced beef in 600g packs

mince in 500-600g packs

cooking times & recipe leaflet included

All joints (apart from rib) are boned & rolled.  Everything is individually vacuum packed and labelled,  suitable for freezing.  Contents may vary slightly - if there is something you particularly want (or don't want!) in your box, just let us know when ordering.  



Grass Fed Small Beef Box: £65


A starter box of our delicious beef, for the smaller household.

Approx weight 4.5kg

1 Topside or slow roast joint: approx 1.5kg *

4 Prime Steaks (sirloin or rump)

Diced beef: 600g pack

Mince: 2 packs 500-600g

* Please let us know when ordering whether you would prefer topside or slow roast.

cooking times & recipe leaflet included    

What our customers say.....

"Just wanted to let you know we had 2 x sirloin steaks on Saturday & they were divine. Looking forward to trying the rest, we shall definitely be back for more beef.  Thank you"