About Us

Argae Cottage is our family farm.  Run by Catriona and Jonathan Benson, with help from our three sons.

We are both Veterinary Surgeons, working in our practice in Shrewsbury when not on the farm.

Animal welfare is a the heart of what we do here - we farm on a very small scale, allowing us to care for our animals as individuals.

Jeff & Timmy 

Catriona with one of Katy's piglets

Jonathan, with Kara and Molly

Other vital members of our team are our dogs, Timmy and Jeff.  Jeff is becoming a very useful sheepdog - thankfully removing the need for the entire family to be involved every time the sheep are rounded up.

Timmy is more of a spectator, but we love him anyway!

Some of our animals....

Katy - our breeding sow.  Gobbler of apples and destroyer of pigsties.

Fidget - bottle fed as a lamb, now a member of our breeding flock - but still happy to sit on your lap!

Esther, come to say hello at the kitchen window!

Other info.....

We are proud to hold a '5 star' food hygiene rating. 

We are also registered and fully licensed for our turkey preparation, under the WATOK regulations.