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Frequently Asked Questions

What size turkey should I order?

As a rough guide, you will need 500g per person.  This will allow for a generous helping on Christmas Day, with some leftovers.  Order larger if you want more leftovers for the following days! See our guide to sizes here.

Will it fit in my oven?

All of our turkeys will fit in a standard sized oven.  Our oven measures 44cm x 38cm x 35cm.  We can comfortably cook a 9kg turkey in there.  

How should I cook it?

Full cooking instructions are included with your turkey, but it is very simple!

Our bronze turkeys cook much more quickly than you might expect.  They have grown to maturity and have a natural layer of fat which bastes the meat during cooking, speeding up the process and keeping the meat moist.

As a guide, your turkey will need 60 minutes, plus 15 minutes per kg.  

So a 4kg turkey will be ready in just 2 hours.

Full cooking instructions can be downloaded here.

When can I collect my turkey?

Collection days are usually 23rd & 24th December.  No appointment needed - just turn up during our opening hours (10am - 5pm).  We'll keep in touch in the run up to Christmas, and send you reminders by email.

If you prefer to collect on the 22nd, we can arrange this - just let us know in advance so we have your turkey ready.

Where should I store my turkey when I get home?

Your turkey needs to be stored in the fridge after collection.  Please make space, even if that means taking out some less perishable items to make room!  It can be removed from the fridge on the morning of cooking, to come to room temperature before going into the oven.

What is the Use By date?

Our turkeys are prepared fresh for Christmas, and have a use by date of the 26th December.  If you are planning to cook it after this date, it should be frozen on day of purchase.  They freeze well, and taste just as good after defrosting.  Allow  24 hours to fully defrost before cooking.

What are the giblets and what do I do with them?

The giblets are the liver, heart and gizzard.  They will be packaged separately to your turkey, and are optional.

They make a superb stock to form the base of your Christmas gravy.  Instructions for using them are included in our cooking leaflets (supplied with your turkey)

What forms of payment do you accept?

At the farm, we accept cash,  card and cheque payments.  (American Express not accepted)

You can also pay in advance by bank transfer - details will be on your invoice, sent to you shortly before collection day.

Is my deposit refundable?

Once you have placed an order, you cannot cancel and obtain a refund.  If you change your mind about the size of turkey you would like, we may be able to accommodate a change - please get in touch.

If we have to cancel your order for any reason (which is incredibly unlikely, and has never happened!) - we will, of course, return your deposit in full.

Bird Flu

Any other questions?

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