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Livestock For Sale

Hubbard Chicks

Easter Chicks.jpg

Day Old Hubbard Chicks - available 20th March 2024

Hubbards are a hybrid meat bird, ideally suited to free ranging.

A great choice for the smallholder wishing to rear their own birds for the table.

Slower growing than most commercial strains - finishing at around 14wks.  We find they produce a good, meaty table bird, weighing in from 2.5 - 3.5kg oven ready.

We will have a batch of hubbard chicks arriving here on the 20th March.  If you would like some, please get in touch before the end of February to place an order.

Chicks will be £2.50 each.


Black Welsh Mountain Sheep


We usually have ewe and ram lambs for breeding for sale in the Autumn - keep an eye on this page, or send us a message if you'd like to hear from us when they are available.

All stock is pedigree, breed society registered.  We are the 'Upper Severn' flock.

Ram used in Autumn 2023:  Sutton Eddie 

Spring 2024:  We expect to have a small selection of young ewes with lambs at foot available for sale.  Details to follow.

3 BWM d.jpg

Shetland Cattle


Pedigree breeding stock will be available during 2024.

Details to follow.

Our herd is registered with the Shetland Cattle Herd Book Society:  the 'Criggion' herd, and all breeding cattle sold will be fully registered.

Our herd is certified BVD free.

We run a closed herd, with a strict herd health program to control worm/fluke, and all cattle are fully vaccinated against clostridial disease.

shetland calf 1.jpg
calves 1.jpg

Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs


We often have weaners available for sale.

Oxford Sandy & Black pigs make a great smallholder pig for free range pork production.

Our Oxford Sandy & Black pigs are purebred, but not pedigree.

We keep a closed herd of healthy pigs, with breeding sows vaccinated against erysipelas and clostridial disease.

Our next litter expected at the end of March 2024 - weaners should be available in May.

piglets out 5.jpg
piglets out 1.jpg
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