Free Range, Rare Breed Pork

Our pigs are Tamworth and Gloucestershire Old Spot crosses. 

The distinctive, ginger Tamworth is considered to be the closest living relative of the Old English forest pig, which once lived wild in Britain.They are a hardy breed, well suited to free range life. They are particularly renowned for their excellent digging abilities!


Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs are an easily recognised, traditional English breed.  These pigs originated in farms along the banks of the River Severn, a little further south than our smallholding.  They were traditionally kept in orchards, and legend has it that the black spots on their backs are due to bruising from windfall apples.



Our pigs lead a happy life on our smallholding.  They live outdoors, where they spend their days rooting, digging and wallowing in the mud.


They are fed a varied diet, consisting of a balanced ration, supplemented with apples from our orchard and home grown crops.

Our pigs have a much longer life than commercially reared, indoor pigs, and grow slowly, as nature intended.  They don't have to have their tails docked, or their teeth clipped, like most indoor pigs.

About our pigs

Pork Boxes

The pork produced by our free range pigs is completely different to any intensively reared meat you will find in the supermarket.  Allowing our traditional breeds to grow slowly ensures that our pork is flavoursome and succulent.  The crackling is something special!


Our pork is available in half-pig and quarter-pig boxes.
Each box contains a delicious selection of roasting joints, sausages, chops and other cuts.  All expertly prepared by our butcher, and packed ready for the freezer.  Standard butchery is shown below.  Your pork can be prepared in diferent cuts if you prefer - please let us know your requirements, and we will do our best to arrange this.


Pork is available in batches throughout the year - the next collection dates are shown on the online order page.  We advise ordering in advance, as we tend to sell out quickly!


Half Pig Box:  £130

Contains approx 18kg of succulent free range pork.


2-3 shoulder joints (boned and rolled), 2-3 leg joints (bone in), lots of chops, 6-8 packs of sausages, plus liver/trotters if wanted.



Quarter Pig Box:  £70

Approx 9kg of our delicious pork.


1-2 shoulder joints (boned and rolled), 1-2 leg joints (bone in), chops, and 4-5 packs of sausages.



Bacon and Sausages

These are available separately at certain times, including Christmas, and we often have sausages available in the freezer - contact us and we will let you know what is available.


What our customers say.....

Half Pig Box: £130

Quarter Pig Box:  £70

Sausages £4 per pack

£11 for 3 packs

"We had our pork joint at the weekend, it was some of the best pork I've ever tasted, thank u and look forward to the next lot"  Jen

"Hi, back again to say your pork is fantastic, faultlessly packed"  Paul

"Amazing roast pork with the best crackling!"  Chris

To view our full range of products, visit our online store:

Argae Cottage, Haimwood, Llandrinio, Powys, SY22 6SQ 

Tel: 01691 830282

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