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 Welsh Lamb Boxes

100% Grass Fed

Black Welsh Mountain Sheep


Black Welsh Mountain sheep are one of Britain's  native breeds. They are small and hardy, able to cope on the sparse grazing of the Welsh mountains.  However, they seem just as happy on the good grass on our lowland smallholding! 

They fit in well on our farm, as they thrive on a natural, grass based diet.   They are healthy, hardy sheep, resistant to lameness and other common sheep problems.

Black Welsh Mountain ewes are fabulous mothers, rarely requiring much assistance at lambing time.  Within a day or so of birth our lambs are out in the fields with their mothers, enjoying the flush of Spring grass.

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After weaning at 4 months old, our lambs grow slowly at grass throughout the summer months, with the majority of them reaching maturity in the Autumn.  The smaller lambs continue to graze through the winter months, and are finished in the following Spring.


Our growing lambs are not fed any concentrate/grain based food - just pure Welsh grass throughout their lives.

We use a local butcher, who prepares and packages the meat for us.

Our Welsh Lamb is juicy, tender and truly delicious.  It is also thought that grass-fed meat has certain health benefits, such as higher levels of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, and higher antioxident levels.

Lamb Boxes

Boxes full of our delicious, grass reared lamb are available from August onwards each year, with a smaller number available again in April/May (these are lambs born the previous year and grown slowly over winter)

Our lamb is matured for 10 days, developing flavour and tenderness.

All freshly prepared by our butcher, and packed ready for the freezer.


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Argae Cottage:  Leg of Welsh Lamb, 10 day matured.

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Whole Lamb Box

2 x whole shoulder joints approx 1.5kg each

2 x whole leg joints approx 2kg each

 (can be halved)

chops (or rack if preferred)

2 packs of mince

jar of homemade mint jelly

liver, heart, kidneys if wanted

cooking & recipe leaflet included


weight 14-15kg

Half Lamb Box


1 x whole shoulder joint approx 1.5kg

1 x whole leg joint approx 2kg

 (can be halved)

chops (or rack if preferred)

1 pack mince

jar of homemade mint jelly

liver, heart, kidneys if wanted

cooking & recipe leaflet included



weight 6-7kg

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