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Welcome to our online store!

Ordering from us is easy:

Just complete the form below to let us know what you would like to reserve.

  We request a 50% deposit on all orders. This is non refundable.

The balance is paid on collection (we accept card payments at the farm)

We will email you back, within 24 hours, to confirm your order.

Collection/delivery dates are arranged with you close to the time, as our produce is seasonal and available in small batches.

You can choose to collect from the farm (and meet some of our residents!)

Or have your boxes delivered

(within 15 miles of Llandrinio: £10.  Further afield, by overnight courier: £15)

If you have any questions, please email us, or phone us on 01691 830282

For Christmas Produce, please visit our separate page for Christmas Orders

Free Range Rare Breed Pork

Half Pig Box

Half Pig Box:  £195

All the meat from a half pig, prepared in a selection of versatile cuts.  Enough to feed a hungry family for several months!

Weight approx 20kg.

5-6 free range pork joints, each 1.5-2 kg

 Shoulder joints (boned and rolled)

Leg joints (on the bone)

Thick cut pork chops: approx 8kg

choose from:

Option 1:  belly made into sausages - 6 packs

Option 2: belly cut into slabs for BBQ (no sausages - but you can always add some to your order!)

Liver, heart and trotters included if wanted.

The butchery of a half pig box can be altered to your requirements - just let us know how you would like it prepared.

Our free range, Oxford Sandy & Black pigs  produce very special pork!

A world away from anything you would find in the supermarket - this is pork as it should be.

Delicious, succulent meat, with incredible crackling.

  All joints individually packed, suitable for freezing.  Cooking times and recipe leaflet included in every box.

(As a guide - a half pig box will fill one large drawer of an upright freezer.)


Taster Box

Quarter Pig Box: £100

A smaller selection, but still plenty of delicious meals!

Weight 9-10kg

3-4 joints, each 1.5 - 2kg:

Shoulder joints (boned & rolled)

Leg joints (on the bone)

Thick cut pork chops: approx 3kg

4 packs sausages

liver, heart & trotters may be available - please ask.

Pork Taster Box:  £60

A selection of our delicious pork to get you started:

Weight 5kg.

1 small shoulder joint (1 - 1.5kg)

(boned & rolled)

1 small leg joint (1-1.5kg)

pork chops (1kg)

3 packs traditional pork sausages

Sausages: £4.95

Gluten Free Sausages:  £5.20

Our very popular sausages - made from our finest free range pork.

Pack of 6 (450g)

Pork Boxes are sold out for Spring and August collection

Orders taken now will be ready in Oct/Nov.

Pork box
Welsh Lamb
100% Grass Reared, 10 day hung Black Welsh Mountain Lamb
Lamb box 2020 c.JPG

Boxes full of our delicious, grass reared lamb.


All freshly prepared by our butcher and packed ready for the freezer.  

Our Black Welsh Mountain lambs are entirely grass reared - no concentrate food at all.  They grow at a natural pace throughout the Spring and Summer, reaching maturity in the Autumn, or the following Spring.

The meat is hung for 10 days, producing lovely tender joints full of flavour.

GT 2021 2 start logo round.png

Argae Cottage Leg of Welsh Lamb,

10 day matured. 

Great Taste 2021: 2 stars

Whole Lamb Box

2 x whole shoulder joints approx 1.5kg each

2 x whole leg joints approx 2kg each

(can be halved)

chops (or rack if preferred)

2 packs of mince

jar of homemade mint jelly

liver, heart, kidneys if wanted

cooking & recipe leaflet included


  total weight 14- 15kg

Half Lamb Box


1 x whole shoulder joint approx 1.5kg each

1 x whole leg joint approx 2kg each

 (can be halved)

chops (or rack if preferred)

1 pack mince

jar of homemade mint jelly

liver, heart, kidneys usually available

cooking & recipe leaflet included


total weight 7-8kg

Now taking orders for Autumn Lamb boxes

 Grass Fed Native Beef Boxes
GT 2021 1 star logo round.png

Argae Cottage Shetland Beef sirloin steak, 21 day matured

*NEW*  Beef Taster Box:  £100


A tempting selection of cuts, ideal for the smaller household: 

Approx weight 7kg

1 Topside joint

1 Slow roast joint 

Pair of prime steaks: rump or sirloin

2 packs of mince

plus selection of:

rolled brisket/braising steaks/diced beef

Add fillet steaks to your box - see order form below

cooking times & recipe leaflet included

All joints  are boned & rolled. 

Everything individually vacuum packed and labelled.

 Suitable for freezing. 

Contents may vary slightly - if there is something you particularly want (or don't want!) in your box, just let us know when ordering.  

roast beef have license.jpg

Boxes of our well marbled, full flavour beef.  Hung for 21 days to develop full taste and tenderness.  

Our cattle are reared slowly at grass, reaching maturity at 24-28 months.  Grass reared beef contains higher levels of beneficial omega 3 oils and antioxidents.

Shetland cattle are a native breed, originating from the Shetland Islands.  They thrive on a grass-only diet, without the need for any concentrate food.  Their smaller size produces a finer grained muscle, with a lovely marbling throughout.


sirloin steak.jpg

Grass Fed Family Beef Box:  £195

A generous selection of cuts, to provide dozens of delicious meals for a family.  

Minimum weight 15kg - average contents shown below.

At least one each of the following joints:

Topside joint (approx 1.5-2kg)

Silverside joint (approx 1.5-2kg)

Slow roast joint (1.5-2.5kg)

Rolled Brisket (approx 1.5-2kg)

+/- Rib joint*

Sirloin steaks 

Rump steaks 

(6-8 prime steaks in total - combination of above)

Braising steaks 

Diced beef in 600g packs (1-2 packs)

Mince in 500-600g packs (4 packs)

Add fillet steaks or extra mince - see order form below

 *Please state if you would especially like a Rib joint in your box.  Boxes without a rib joint have an additional slow roast joint.

cooking times & recipe leaflet included

All joints (apart from rib) are boned & rolled. 

Everything individually vacuum packed and labelled.

 Suitable for freezing.  Contents may vary slightly - if there is something you particularly want (or don't want!) in your box, just let us know when ordering.  

Last One for May collection......

Beef box
Order form

To order and pay deposit online, please complete the form above.  A 50% deposit is payable on each box ordered.

To pay your deposit by cheque/cash, please use our printable order form (see below)

Or just email us to let us know what you'd like to order!

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