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  We request a £20 deposit on all orders.

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Collection/delivery dates are arranged with you close to the time, as our produce is seasonal and available in small batches.

You can choose to collect from the farm (and meet some of our residents!)

Or have your boxes delivered - we can deliver within 15 miles of Llandrinio, for an additional £5.

If you have any questions, please email us, or phone us on 01691 830282

For Christmas Produce, please visit our separate page for Christmas Orders

Welsh Lamb

Boxes full of our delicious, grass reared lamb, all freshly prepared by our butcher and packed ready for the freezer.  

Our lambs are entirely grass reared - no concentrate food at all.

   *New* for 2020:  We now offer a choice of breeds/sizes in our lamb boxes:

Black Welsh Mountain:

Our much loved Black Welsh Mountain Lamb boxes, always a popular choice, with many customers returning every year for the fantastic flavour.

The joints and chops in these boxes will be slightly smaller (but still a good size:  whole leg approx 2kg, whole shoulder approx 1.8kg)


New option for 2020 boxes:  Our larger breed lambs, also reared entirely at grass, but reaching larger weights.  Thus the joints and chops in these boxes will be larger.  If you would like a larger box of lamb to feed your family and friends, this is the one for you!

Whole Lamb Box

2 x whole shoulder joints

2 x whole leg joints (can be halved)

chops (or rack if preferred)

2 packs of mince

jar of homemade mint jelly

liver & heart if wanted

cooking & recipe leaflet included

Black Welsh Mountain:  £115

  total weight 14- 15kg

Lleyn:  £130

total weight 18- 20kg

Half Lamb Box


1 x whole shoulder joint

1 x whole leg joint (can be halved)

chops (or rack if preferred)

1 pack mince

jar of homemade mint jelly

liver & heart usually available

cooking & recipe leaflet included

Black Welsh Mountain:  £65

total weight 7-8kg

Lleyn: £70

total weight 9-10kg

Next available: April/May 2021 

(this meat will be from lambs born in 2020 and grown slowly over 12 months)

Free Range Rare Breed Pork

Our free range, Tamworth and Gloucestershire old Spot  pigs produce delicious, succulent pork, with incredible crackling.

  All joints individually packed, suitable for freezing.  Cooking times and recipe leaflet included in every box.

(As a guide - a half pig box will fill one large drawer of an upright freezer.)

Half Pig Box:  £130

All the meat from a half pig, prepared in a selection of useful cuts:  Total weight approx 18kg.

2-3 shoulder joints (boned and rolled)

2-3 leg joints, bone in. (on the bone)

Plenty of chops

6 packs of sausages.

Liver, heart and trotters included if wanted.

The butchery of a half pig box can be altered to your requirements - just let us know how you would like it prepared.

Quarter Pig Box: £70


A smaller selection, but still plenty of delicious meals!

Average weight 9kg

1-2 shoulder joints (boned & rolled)

1-2 leg joints (on the bone)


4 packs sausages

liver, heart & trotters may be available - please ask.

Now taking orders for our first batch of 2021 - ready late April/early May.

Pork Taster box:  £45


A 5kg selection of our delicious pork to get you started:

1 shoulder joint (boned & rolled, approx 1kg)

1 leg joint (approx 1.7kg)

pork chops (1kg)

3 packs traditional pork sausages

 Grass Fed Native Beef Boxes

Boxes of our well marbled, full flavour beef.  Hung for 21 days to develop full taste and tenderness.  

Our cattle are reared slowly at grass, reaching maturity at 24-28 months.  Grass reared beef contains higher levels of beneficial omega 3 oils and antioxidents.

Our Shetland herd has been steadily increasing, and soon all of our beef will be purebred Shetland.  In 2021, we will have both Shetland and Hereford cross beef (reared here alongside our Shetlands, on exactly the same grass-only system)  If you have a breed preference, please mention when ordering.


Grass Reared Beef Box:  £155 (min 14kg)

Contents:   2 topside joints, 1 slow roast or rib joint, rolled brisket, sirloin steaks, rump steaks, braising steaks, diced beef and mince

Joints individually vacuum packed ready for the freezer, steaks in pairs and mince in approx 600g packs, as shown in photo.

Now taking orders for Spring 2021 - ready from mid May onwards.

To order and pay deposit online, please complete the form below.  To pay your deposit by cheque/cash, please use our printable order form (see below)


Submitting this form will take you to Paypal - you can either pay your deposit through paypal, or select 'seller to send payment instructions' and we will contact you to arrange payment by another method.

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Argae Cottage, Haimwood, Llandrinio, Powys, SY22 6SQ 

Tel: 01691 830282

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