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Shetland cattle - Argae Cottage Free Range
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Welcome to Argae Cottage

Traditional Free Range Christmas Turkeys, Grass Fed Beef, Lamb and Pork.

Catriona and Jonathan would like to welcome you to Argae Cottage - our family farm, situated on the banks of the River Severn, near Llandrinio.  


The welfare of our animals is our top priority.

We farm on a small scale, allowing us to give attention to the needs of each individual animal.

Our native breeds have been carefully chosen to suit our traditional farming methods.  Our animals enjoy a free range lifestyle, and are allowed to grow slowly, at a natural rate.

Animal Welfare

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Grass Fed

Our cows and lambs are entirely grass reared for the whole of their lives, grazing permanent pasture, with silage from our own land in the winter.

Grass fed meat has been shown to have health benefits, with a higher level of beneficial omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants.


We strive to farm in harmony with nature.

Our grazing animals have a significantly lower environmental impact than animals fed on cereals.

Well managed grassland actually captures and stores carbon.


Read more about the environmental benefits of grazing, on the soil association website.

Our rotational grazing system produces long grass, with abundant clover - in Summer, this is teeming with bees and other insects.

We are steadily planting more hedges around our fields, and allowing the existing hedgerows to grow taller and wider, leaving space for wildlife to thrive.


All of this results in delicious, tender meat, with the good old-fashioned flavour so often lost in today's intensively produced meat.


We were delighted to win a Great Taste award for our Free Range Christmas Turkeys in 2019.

Our produce is available for sale direct from the farm. We are located in Llandrinio, close to Welshpool, Shrewsbury & Oswestry.

It's worth ordering in advance, as we usually sell out early.


Our meat is available seasonally, and is always packed suitable for freezing.

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Spring 2021

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Currently taking orders for our:

Grass Fed Native Beef


Free Range Rare Breed Pork

100% Grass Reared Welsh Lamb


Eat Less, Eat Better!

We firmly believe that we all need to move towards a more sustainable diet.

For many people, this may mean eating less meat - but choosing carefully.

Buying local, choosing grass fed, and supporting nature friendly farms will mean that you can enjoy high quality meat as a sustainable part of your diet.


We have a good supply of our much loved sausages in the freezer, just perfect for summer BBQs.

If you would like some, just drop us a message - we can arrange for you to collect most days.

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